About Mark Fischer

Professional Piano Tuning & Repairs in Lonsdale MN

This is the work I have done for 40 years. I have been a musician since I was 8 and started working with mechanical things and fixing cars and wooden things not too long after that. I listen to your piano and I listen to you. It is my intent to do my work with integrity. Since the majority of piano owners are unlikely to know much about their instrument in general, let alone in specific, I try to provide some education and answer questions. For me that means, I will not suggest things that are not in your best interest, just to get money. And I won’t do work I don’t do, as an experiment on your instrument.  I have people I can reach out to for some special things like that. I will do my best to evaluate the condition of your instrument and if there are minor or serious issues, I will let you know about them. The issues will either have an impact on the tenability or playability or possibly the longevity of the instrument in given circumstances. With that in mind we can make an informed plan of action. If I am asked to tune a piano and it is near pitch and it needs a few little things, I usually just do them as  part of the service. If the piano is nowhere near pitch, then I don’t just tune it until I know we are in agreement about goals. Sound fair? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

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