Piano Repair Services in Northfield, MN

Repairs, Adjustment, and Regulation

Piano Repair Services in Northfield MN

A piano only has a little over 8809 moving parts, “What could go wrong?”  Wrong most of the time is overstating the case, because most of the time a piano technician needs to deal with what happens with all those moving pieces of wood metal and felt as they react to humidity, change in the environment, and wear caused by playing and gravity. And that will usually be some level of adjustment or regulation. Outside that, sometimes extreme either high or low humidity will cause things to swell and prevent them form moving as required, or a glue joint may fail or something may become too loose to function reliably, or a foreign object or “being” will cause some level of mayhem with the working,  I am prepared to deal with those circumstances to get you “back in the saddle”

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